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2019 Shanghai 3D Print Forum
Forum Speakers

Du Jingzhe
Secretary General
China Computer Industry Association (CCIA)

Wang Keqin
Secretary General
Shanghai Computer Trade Association (SCTA)

Yanlin Song
Director of Key Laboratory of Green Printing, Chinese Academy of Science

Weimin Yang
Chang Jiang Scholars, College of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, BUCT

Jiquan Yang
Professor, Nanjing Normal University;Director of Jiangsu Key Laboratory of 3D Printing.

Name: Shanghai 3D Print Forum
Time: May 22-23, 2019
Place: Shanghai World Expo
        Exhibition & Covention Center
Add: 850 Bocheng Road, Pudong,          Shanghai,China
Oranizer: Shanghai Computer
                Trade Association
Target audience: 3D Print Experts,       entrepreneurs, 3D Specialists
      VIP buyers, leading suppliers,etc

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