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Sponsorship & Advertisement

The 17th session of ReChina Expo will be held on May 19-21,2021, and the 3D print forum will be held during the expo time. A lot of exhibitors and visitors for printers, copiers, 3D printrs, printing consumables, office equipment and supplies from China and around the world will attend the event. Many enterprises in the industry take the opportunities to be sponsors and advertisers like, Printermayin、 Orink、 IPM、 INKBANK、Richtrade,etc.

1. is one of most well-known websites with more than 17 years operation in printers and consumables industry. As an international business platform for the industry, the website keeps being upgraded all the times. Tens of thousands of professionals all over China and the world visit the website every month.

AD screen 1










shared with
other 6 or fewer


for all in the industry




shared with
other 6 or fewer


for leading companies






for exhibitors

2、Shanghai 3D Print Forum

Shanghai 3D Print Forum will be held at ReChina Expo in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center. Well-known experts, professors and entrepreneurs from 3D printing research institute and industry will give speeches. 300 attendees for 3D printing will take part in the forum. The forum is organized by Shanghai Computer Trade Association. The Secretary-General of China Computer Industry Association(CCIA) and the Secretary-General of Shanghai Computer Trade Association(SCTA) will give speeches in the forum.

3D printing industry has been rapidly developing over the past years. New technologies and products becoming more and more widely used in various application industries.

3D forum
Exclusive sponsorship:USD$8,000.00

3. ReChina Show Guide

ReChina Show Guide contains true, correct, and up-to-date profiles of all verified suppliers which exhibit at ReChina Expo. Printed with full colors, in English and Chinese, the show guide is handed to 12,000 attendees from over 50 countries in the printers and consumables industry.

Position Unit Price
Inside Front Cover $1,500    SOLD
Facing Front Cover $1,500    SOLD
Inside Back Cover $1,200,0    available
Page before Content $1,200,0    available
Inside Page $1,000,0    available

4. Show Bag

昊群赞助 Size: 39cm (H) * 39 cm (L) * 8.25cm (W)
Material: Environment-Friendly Fabric

  • One side of the bag is the advertisement, the other side will be kept for the show information of ReChina Expo.
  • During the 3 days ReChina Expo, all attendees will be handed the show bags which contains ReChina show guide and RePrint magazine, etc, Before ReChina Expo, the show bags will be distributed in the industry events in North America, South America, West Europe, East Europe, South-East Asia and China.

Price: USD10,000      SOLD.

5. Lanyard

Size: 96cm*1.5cm
Material: Nylon

  • The Ad will be printed in one color only.
  • The lanyard is used together with the admission badge. During the show, all the attendees will wear the lanyard for admission badge. Everyone in the show will notice the ad.

Price: USD5,000      SOLD.

6. Admission Badge

Size: 10.5cm (L) *5cm (W)
Coated in plastic foil.

  • The sponsor shall provide the ad design.
  • All attendees to ReChina Expo will wear the admission badge while visiting the show. Every one may read the ad several times a day during the 3 days event.

Price: USD9,000      SOLD.

7. On the Gate

AD size: 100cm (W)*300cm (H)
Color: full color

  • The gate will be built up at main entrance of the expo.
  • Most attendees may view the ad on the gate while entering the show. The ad is seeable from a distance.

Price: USD5,000/one side      to contact the organizer.

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