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2019 Shanghai 3D Print Forum
May 22, 2019 Shanghai

  • 3d print forum
3D printing industry has been rapidly developing over the past years. New technologies and products becoming more and more widely used in various application industries.
Shanghai 3D Print Forum will be held on May 22, 2019 in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center. Well-known experts, professors and entrepreneurs from 3D printing research institute and industry will give speeches. 300 attendees for 3D printing will take part in the forum. The forum is organized by Shanghai Computer Trade Association. The Secretary-General of China Computer Industry Association(CCIA) and the Secretary-General of Shanghai Computer Trade Association(SCTA) will give speeches in the forum.

Forum Topics:

3D Printing additive manufacturing and materials
3D Printing non-metal additive manufacturing and materials
3D Printing medical additive manufacturing and materials
3D scanning, designing, software system solutions

Name: Shanghai 3D Print Forum
Time: May 22, 2019
Place: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Covention Center
Place: Add: 850 Bocheng Road, Pudong, Shanghai,China
Target audience: entrepreneurs, executives, specialists, VIP buyers, leading suppliers,etc

Why join Shanghai 3D Print Forum?

1. To keep pace with the up-to-date 3D technology and application
2. To meet on person with Expersts and industry leaders
3. To learn development expierence from entrepreneurs and executives
4. To set up contacts with key specialits and professionals for long term benifits

Forum Speakers

Invitation - 主办方正在邀请更多演讲嘉宾,如果您有3D打印新技术或新产品,欢迎您前来演讲。
The organizers are now inviting more speakers. To give a speech, please contact us.

Du Jingzhe, Secretary General, China Computer Industry Association (CCIA)

杜京哲,中国计算机行业协会 秘书长

杜京哲 女士,毕业于北京大学“计算机与科学”专业, 获得中国人民大学“世界经济”经济学硕士,现任中国计算机行业协会秘书长。
Ms. Du Jingzhe, graduated from Beijing University, majoring "computer & science"; and received master degree of "world economy" at Renmin University of China, is now Secretary General of China Computer Industry Association (CCIA).

上海计算机行业协会王克勤小Wang Keqin, Secretary General, Shanghai Computer Trade Association (SCTA)

王克勤,上海市计算机行业协会 秘书长

王克勤 先生,上海市计算机行业协会副会长兼秘书长,上海电子信息产品再利用促进中心法人代表兼主任,上海市计算机行业协会司法鉴定所所长。
Mr. Wang Keqin, Secretary General of Shanghai Computer Trade Association (SCTA), Legal Representative and Director of Shanghai Electronic Information Product Recycle Promotion Center, Director at Judicial Expertise Office of Shanghai Computer Trade Association.

Yanlin Song, Professor, Ph.D., Director of Key Laboratory of Green Printing, Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Science
宋延林,博士,中国科学院化学研究所绿色印刷重点实验室 主任

Dr. Song Yanlin, researcher and doctoral Tutor at China Institute of Chemistry, director at Beijing green printing materials engineering technology research center; Scholar professor at Changjiang University, Mainly engaged in nano materials and green printing technology research, has published more than 260 papers in SCI, has more than 80 invention patents in China, the United States, Japan, South Korea and the European. Won the China Youth Science and technology award, the Chinese Chemical Society - AKZO NOBEL prize in chemistry; outstanding young expert at Chinese Academy of Sciences and China Association of science and technology, Bi Sheng printing technology award and the Chinese print awards. Selected as the first batch of Beijing science and technology leading talent, youth leader in technological innovation talents at China department of science and Technology.

Weimin Yang, Dean,Distinguished Professor of Chang Jiang Scholars Program, College of Mechanical. & Electrical Engineering, BUCT

Yang Weimin is the Dean and Professor of School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering at Beijing University of Chemical Technology. He is also a Distinguished Professor of Chang Jiang Scholars Program, China Ministry of Education. His research group has undertaken over 50 projects supported by National Science and Technology Support Plan, National Science Foundation of China. Based on the research results, he has applied 374 invention patents (220 items authorized to present), published 11 books and more than 500 journal papers. He has received numerous honors and recognitions, including 2 Awards of China National Science and Technology Progress, 12 China Provincial Awards and Hou te Pang Chemical Science and Technology Award. Dr. Yang was also selected to President of Injection Division of SPE, Vice Chairman of the Experts Committee of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, and Advisor Experts of China Rubber Processing Industry Association.His research interest is polymer processing and advanced manufacture technology, mainly focused on green process of polymer producing, plastics precision molding, energy saving in tire manufacturing, nano-fiber electrospinning and enhanced heat transfer in polymer processing, etc.

Jiquan Yang, Professor, Nanjing Normal University

Jiquan YANG, Professor, Nanjing Normal University, Vice Dean of School of NARI Electrical and Automation Engineering; Director of Jiangsu Key Laboratory of 3D Printing Equipment and Manufacturing; Chairman of Nanjing 3D Printing Society; Vice Chairman of Jiangsu 3D Printing Industry Innovation Strategic Alliance; Deputy Director of Technical Committee of Jiangsu 3D Printing Industry Innovation Strategic Alliance; Member of China National Committee for the Standardization of Additive Manufacturing; Member of China National Committee for the Additive Manufacturing(China Mechanical Engineering Society). He has engaged in the basic research, the technology development, the industrial transformation and application about the 3D printing technology. And also achieved rich experience and results in the digital design modeling, droplet injection molding, high-performance composite material design and preparation, three-dimensional printing process. He has published more than 80 articles, 9 books and more than 60 applications for authorized patents and software copyright. Combined with the exploration and practice for about 20 years by the team lead by Professor Yang Jiquan in the field of 3D Printing, advanced manufacturing, biomedical and other areas, this report mainly introduces the innovative technology and related applications of digital micro-jet technology used in 3D printing, including the latest development at home and abroad, digital micro-spray technology with application cases. And this report analyzes the promotion of policy, development planning issued by government in the field of 3D Printing.

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